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If you aren’t feeling happy, on a daily basis, I suggest you look inside.

The principles and practices to achieve pure bliss are simple and concise, you just have to do it.

This blog is about how to live while fostering happiness and joy.

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About Me

Hi, I’m an old soul who grew up without coping skills and a huge ego. Looking back, I can see how ugly I was as a young adult.

I turned to bariatric surgery in my 30’s when my weight was out of control, then turned to alcohol a few years later. Alcohol had always been my friend, but now I was using it nightly, and it was becoming a need, not just a want. A necessity, not a luxury.

So yeah, I transfered one addiction to another. I could have saved myself a lot of money and recovery time if I had just gone to Overeaters Anonymous to begin with!

The most profound thing for me, is knowing how and why I turned to these things when I had a fine childhood. I wasn’t abused and had my needs taken care of, always.

In early recovery I didn’t understand the how or why, since I hadn’t experienced any trauma.

Now I know why.

I had zero coping skills and parents who told me not to cry when I was sad. Additionally, they were realists, so any pipe dream I shared was quickly shot down with a “that’ll never happen” or “that’s not possible.”

My parents weren’t mean, or malicious, they just didn’t’ want to see me fail, and they did the best they could do. But with all that, I grew up like many people my age did, reaching for a crutch to numb the pain, disappointment and excitement of life- because it was all too much to feel and I didnt’ know how.

Now I’m almost 44 and my life is vastly different than twenty years ago. The spiritual journey that I’ve been on has been full of miracles.

Same life. Same husband. Same kids. Same money. Same house. Same career.

Completely different take on life.

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